Esther Muller

President of Academy of Continuing Education Real Estate

Esther Muller has enormous experience in the real estate industry, having sold over $1 billion in properties. Central to her success is Muller’s keen sense of location, understanding of the financials of a building, and her management and negotiating skills.

As co-founder of the Academy for Continuing Education, Esther Muller has been educating real estate professionals for over twenty-two years. Her incisive thoughts and perceptive ideas have distinguished her as an authority and often quoted spokesperson on industry issues.

Following are a few highlights:

  • President of retailer ACA JOE, a public company_1985
  • Co-Founder of Mail Boxes Etc._1990
  • Broker, Consultant, and Trainer in the real estate business for the past 30 years
  • Author of “Tips from the Tops – What you need to know about Buying and Selling Co-operative and Condominium Apartments”
  • Member of professional real estate organizations: Y.M.R.E.A., REBNY, AREW,
  • Member of the Board of Directors: Georgica Estates Condominiums, East Hampton, NY; 120 Central Park South, NY, NY; Living Theatre, NY, NY
  • 2015 Woman to Watch in the real estate industry, honored by Sokol Media

Véronique Queffélec

President Euromediations

Public affairs, Lobbying, influence and political strategy

France, Europe, India, Africa

Travelling around the world is my destiny. Written in my genes it has become my passion. I like memorable experiences. I tested a lot of palaces and I never imagined getting same level and quality and services.

I discovered the Label Luxor Home, a symbol of a sophisticated expertise and lavish lifestyle.

The comforts of a luxury hotel without the worries of owning a residence.

It’s unique for a short or long time. It’s the best assurance of a seamless luxury trip.

Anirudh Agarwal


Shree Sharda Realcon & Builders Pvt. Ltd.


Luxor Home is a first of its kind service that will become a gold standard that will globally recognized and give customers an assurance of being in the best home.

We have been in the real estate business for over four decades especially in the luxury and bespoke residential property development; we have developed many homes for a wide-range of clients, all with unique needs and tastes.

Mark Warren Clark




Anyone can travel, and everyone should... for those of us privileged...I believe the art to successful travel is finding that truly special place...that should replace your home... from where to explore the surroundings. A place so special you realize from the moment you arrive that you will not want to leave..

When you do leave your Luxor Home, you will surely start planning your return adventure!

Label Luxor Home, delivers this unique destination centric experience.

Julie Stafford

CEO & Director Taste of Life Pty Ltd


My company is dedicated to projects that promote health and well-being; projects that challenge personal living and business practices, teaching synchronicity and the law of attraction as a platform; and, projects built around ultimate travel experiences that awaken and transform. My specialties are Dubrovnik, Paris and Morocco. What I most love about travel is meeting new people. I met Marianela in 2016, in Portugal. Immediately, I fell in love with her down-to-earth warmth and style. Her new project will revolutionize home branding around the world whether you are renting or investing so that you are assured of a certain consistent product. She wants you to know the charm, sophistication and refinement of property as she defines it. Knowing Marianela, I can’t imagine staying anywhere other than in a LuxorHome brand.

Walid Halabi

WH Ownership Solutions

I founded WH Property Solutions in a bid to apply my many years of experience in my new home base in Portugal. I hold a bachelor's degree in Finance from GSU (Atlanta, Ga.) and an MBA degree from INSEAD (France). Thirty years of multi-disciplinary experiences, across the fields of international finance and real estate development in Paris and Turkey, and my extensive research into the Portugal market, will support my consultancy services to find you your next investment in Portugal. In my opinion, the home rental and real estate market has long needed what Marianela Mirpuri’s Luxor Home branding will provide. Home owners, renting properties and those wanting to sell properties will discover a recognition advantage like never before.

Lucio Moura



In early 2000 Marianela Mirpuri linked Portugal to the Northwest of Brazil with regular charter flights. She is the kind of person who is always ahead and always acts according to her ideas. And makes them happen.

In a time where everything is standard, the possibility of being accommodated in exclusive and selected places, becomes what I call contemporary luxury.

Nothing better than having a selection of houses available for short rental with the label Luxor Home.

Yuxin Chen, Ph.D.

The president of Jinhai International Investment Portugal

The Chairman of the China and Portugal Economic and Cultural Promotion Association.

Dr. Yuxin Chen is a geotechnical engineer who has long been devoted to real estate development and promotion in China and Portugal.